Maracas and Babies in Brazil

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

When I lived in Brazil for a couple of years, my children were aged 1 and 3 - and a real handful. So I decided to run some baby music groups, principally so that they could join in and would end the day exhausted..

My first group was for 3 to 5 year olds. We sat in a circle, sang songs and did actions to the songs. The children also had a great selection of instruments to choose from! They had glockenspiels to bang, drums to bash and maracas and tambourines to shake. We made a fine noise! We also had a dancing session, with some beautiful bits of classical music for them to float around to, or lively pop songs for them to bop up and down to. Fun times for everyone involved!

My second group was for babies aged 6 months up to 2 years - with Mums or Dads as well. We each sat with our baby/toddler on our laps, and did some wonderful clapping and counting games, peek a boo games and listening moments as well. Everyone had a go at banging a drum, or shaking a tambourine, with a little dance with Mum or Dad to finish off with.

My music groups were very popular, and started to grow and so I started a new group developed for the 5 years plus. In this group we did some action songs and then started to sing some rounds as their confidence grew. Each child had their own musical instrument to play, and began to play little tunes on the glockenspiels and learn the notes of the musical alphabet. I also included a listening section in each session when we all listened to some music and decided whether it was HAPPY or SAD or SCARY or CALM. And at the end we aways had time for a little dance to explore the nature of the music we had been listening to.

It was so good to see the children growing in confidence and enjoying so much about the music that they were engaged with in those sessions. I hope that it led on to new musical journeys for each of the children, and that the music groups helped them to develop a love for all types of music.

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