I'm Julia

I can help you fulfil your musical potential through online instrumental lessons using my extensive teaching experience, friendly approach and technical know-how. 


I have been successfully teaching students of all abilities and ages for over 25 years.  Some of my students have gone on to study their instrument at university or college, having achieved high music exam grades with me.  Others have joined orchestras, jazz bands or folk groups.  Many of my students just want to play for their own enjoyment and satisfaction.

As well as private students, I have taught extensively in both public and private schools, including individual students, small ensembles, and mixed-ability classes through the Play to Learn  programme.

My travels have taken me abroad as well, and I have been lucky enough to teach students in Singapore, Brazil and Sierra Leone.

Teaching violin and piano has enriched my life and hopefully brought pleasure and satisfaction to many adults and children.

Now, I am delighted to be able to offer my teaching skills online.  With professional equipment and by honing my techniques with students of differing abilities, I have been able to develop an online teaching method that my students find rewarding and enjoyable.


Bachelor's Degree in Music

Sheffield University

PostGraduate Certificate in Education

Reading University

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Email: info@musiclessons.cloud
Tel: +44 01392 532010

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